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Anyang Xinge Trade Co., Ltd. was founded in 2009, it is a large chain enterprises whose business includes design, production, wholesale and large children's retail store.
       "GG. Baby" is one of infant/baby clothing brand of Anyang Xinge Trade Co., Ltd., after recent 3 years’ rapid development, "GG. Baby" has become Chinese well-known infant/baby clothing brand. "GG. Baby" clothing mainly includes 0-3 years old baby coveralls, jackets, pants and related accessories. "GG. Baby" specializes in infant market, adhere to Internet sales; closely linked to the international fashion trend, while for children's preferences, characterize and guide the pursuit of their inner popular, fashion, self, vigorous, passion and retain its clever, elegant and aristocratic.

“GG.Baby” follows: All is for Love.

“GG.Baby” Style: Health, safety, environmental protection, fashion.

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